Fees and Charges

EGI Fees and Charges are listed below:

Courses Fee

Course NameDurationAmount $ AUD
Certificate IV in Business Administration - BSB4051526 weeks$6000
Diploma of Business - BSB5021526 weeks$6000
Advanced Diploma of Business - BSB6021552 weeks$12000
Certificate IV in Accounting - FNS4061552 weeks$12000
Diploma of Accounting - FNS5021552 weeks$12000
Advanced Diploma of Accounting - FNS6021552 weeks$12000
Diploma of Interpreting - PSP5091624 weeks$6000
Advanced Diploma of Translating - PSP6081626 weeks$6000
Diploma of Information Technology - ICT5011552 weeks$12000
Graduate Diploma of Telecommunication Network Engineering - ICT8041552 weeks$20000
Graduate Diploma of Engineering - MEM8011252 weeks$20000

Other Fees

DescriptionAmount $ AUD
Late Fee 1 day to less than 7 days$110.00
Late Fee 7 day to less than 14 days$220.00
Late Fee 14 days to less than 28 days$440.00
Late Fee 28 days or more (enrolment not canceled)$500.00
Recognition of Prior Learning (theory)$75.00 per unit
Recognition of Prior Learning (Practical)$100.00 per unit
Re-assessment (Classroom based)$150.00 per assessment
Student ID Card replacement$10.00
Repeating an entire subject$350.00 per assessment
Changing course pathways$200.00
Print Credit$0.10 cents per copy
Photocopy$0.10 cents per copy
Scan$0.05 cents per copy
Qualification reissue fee$150.00
CoE Extension$83.00
Readmission Fee$100.00
Deferment of Enrolment$50.00
Qualification Urgent Processing Fee$200.00


  • Document processing time is 5 working days minimum.
  • Application forms are available online at EGI website (egi.eca.edu.au/form/library)
  • Urgent processing can be done if student requests certificates to be issued within two weeks of their course finish date. Minimum processing time is at least 3-4 working days.